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Colors have always been recognized to affect people’s behavior in different ways. In reality, colors could be so powerful in the human body and body, so that they are even considered to have healing properties. Like most other alternative treatments, chromotherapy light has increased in popularity over time and is perhaps one of the most wanted treatments today.

What Is Chromotherapy Light And How It Is Used?

Chromotherapy or color therapy since it’s better known is an ancient form of healing which was predominant in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. It employs a blend of color and light to deal with mental and physical disorders. Today, it’s making a comeback and is just one of those fastest-growing sectors in natural wellbeing.


Colour Therapy might be useful for curing illnesses and disorders, relieving pain, addressing emotional and mental conditions, and generally maintaining good health. It is the application of visible light, the color spectrum to assist in the purpose of tissue regeneration and healing. Light is electromagnetic radiation(energy emitted as waves or particles and each color of the spectrum has an exceptional wavelength which has a different effect on our bodies.

Is Color Therapy “new age” pseudoscience?

Chromotherapy has, in reality, been used for centuries and studied with all modern scientific techniques since the 20th century. Chromotherapy is sometimes used interchangeably with both “light therapy” and”color therapy”, causing much confusion in regards to the scientific validity of chromotherapy. Note that”color therapy” is a term typically utilized to refer to the design of spaces, such as schools and hospitals. It is perhaps not exactly the same as”light therapy”.

The use of blue light therapy on babies with jaundice dates back to the 1950s and is still continues to be used today. The blue light works to crack down an excess of bilirubin therefore it can be easily eliminated through an infant’s immature liver. Health practitioners started using light therapy (blue and white light) to take care of patients with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) back in the 1980s. Light therapy has been used for various skin conditions dating back to the early 1900s.

Currently, the FDA has approved light therapy for the treatment for:-

  • Acne treatment
  • Anti-aging ( wrinkle reduction & collagen production)
  • Hair regrowth & hair loss prevention
  • Fat loss
  • Pain relief
  • Stem cell production

How is Colour Therapy executed?

Comparable to additional treatments, Colour therapy begins by diagnosing the root cause for the physical or psychological matter. A colour therapist can use counselling as a means to perform this throughout that you might possibly be asked to favourite colours. A colour therapist also makes it possible to understand the significance of certain colours and the way they make a difference to your everyday life concerning health, healing, inspiration and comfort.

Healing with chromotherapy
How Do The Various Colors Affect Our Bodies?

Red color- Activates and improves circulatory and nervous systems. Helps with the production of red blood cells and collagen tissues. Red color helps burn fat. It stimulates the circulatory system, which can help conditions such as arthritis. It can also help increase the metabolism and release adrenalin.

Orange color- This color enhances the entire mood. Helps with digestion and stomach problems, in addition to asthma and bronchitis.

Yellow color- This color works on internal tissues. It reactivates and purifies the skin. Yellow helps awaken the mind and mental inspiration. it is excellent for nervous or nerve-related ailments. It provides clarity of thought, increased awareness, and connects us to our mental self. It also can be used for conditions of the stomach, liver, and intestines. Typical illnesses treated by yellow are gas, constipation, liver trouble, diabetes, and eczema.

Green color- It’s a calming, relaxing color. Green is a universal healing color. The color green balances and cleanses our energy, to provide a sense of renewal, peace, and harmony. in an exceedingly more practical sense, green can help with ulcers, headaches, and nervous disorders, in addition to heart problems and stabilizing blood pressure. It is also used in conjunction with blue lights for SAD sufferers.

Blue color- Blue is employed for ailments related to speech, communication, and also the throat. this is also a mentally relaxing color. It may be ideal for sleep problems and provides us wisdom and clarity to boost communication and speech. Blue may be a very positive color, representing loyalty and reliability, and might bring peace to a worried or nervous mind. Stimulates skin and muscle cells. Addresses infections. Used to treat liver disease conditions and breakdown bilirubin.

Purple color- Purple is a superb color to remedy neurosis, diseases of the scalp, sciatica, rheumatism, concussion, or epilepsy. This color purifies our thoughts and feelings and offers us inspiration for all undertakings. This color relaxes nerves and circulatory systems. Addresses inflammation and sinus ailments. It helps with eye inflammation, glaucoma, and eye fatigue.

Benefits of Chromotherapy

Lighting is regarded as among the purest curative forces in the world. This, then, may impact our physical and emotional wellness. So color therapy may prove more beneficial in the following terms:-

  • It is safe and pain-free so it might be used for children, adults, and older alike.
  • This therapy addresses the outward signs of a disorder and its nonphysical origin.
  • Has a positive effect on not merely physiological degrees but also mental and spiritual degrees.
  • Balances the Chakras in the body.
  • Helps meditation and comfort, also certainly will enlighten and alter a person.
  • It eradicates emotional blockages until they are able to manifest as physical or psychological disorders.

Besides these benefits, color therapy may improve awareness and help individuals understand the demand for adding certain colors within their everyday lives. It could also help natural healing in individual human anatomy, allowing overall well-being.

Colour therapy can be a safe and efficient therapy and could be either be utilized on its own alongside yet another therapy such as physiotherapy or traditional medication. No matter how it’s properly used, it really is very important to see that the therapy may powerfully alter the body and mind. This is exactly the reason why it is vital that folks seek a professional color therapist who’s well versed in this subject of treatment if they believe that this particular method. It is likewise strongly suggested that you consult an experienced medical doctor before engaging in a color therapy treatment.

chromotherapy room

What To Expect The First Time You Use Color Therapy?

Many spas and a few medical practices round the world are treating clients and patients with chromotherapy. After an initial consultation with an expert, you’ll determine what color of light is most needed. depending on the diagnosis you will spend longer periods of your time under the light of a particular color.

You will lie on your back on a massage table and therefore the light instrument will be above your head (some are full body). The instrument will be turned on and for varying lengths of your time depending on diagnosis, different colors will shine on your face. If you choose to use the broad spectrum of color light you’ll expect that every color will shine for about two minutes before subsequent color rotates in. Each chromotherapy light session lasts about 35 minutes and is usually accompanied by a moisturizing mask and facial.

The experience is relaxing and comforting. As you allow your first session the world will appear in higher fidelity and far shinier. The mind will be clear, calm, and open.

If you opt to use chromotherapy in conjunction with infrared sauna therapy then your experiences are going to be somewhat different. you’ll enter the infrared sauna chamber and on the ceiling will be the light paneling of the chromotherapy instrument. You’ll have the choice to decide on which color you would prefer to work: If you’re unsure of what color spectrum you would like most you’ll leave the chromotherapy on auto and therefore the color spectrum will switch on its own exposing you to every color for about 90 seconds then keep cycling through.

It has been observed by researchers at NASA that chromotherapy is most effective when utilized in conjunction with infrared. it’s well worth combining your infrared sauna therapy with chromotherapy to induce the most effective of both worlds!
Chromotherapy And Infrared Sauna Therapy Operate In Tandem to produce A High-Definition Experience
In the mid-1960s when researchers from NASA began exploring the relationship between human physiology and also the light spectrum, the results were astounding. From the cascade of health benefits available through regular infrared sauna therapy, phototherapy, and chromotherapy, humanity was met with a replacement wave of possible healing modalities.

Bottom Line

Chromotherapy capitalizes on the advantages derived from exposure to the color spectrum of light to ignite biochemical changes within the body and brain. Skin is rejuvenated, sleep is improved, and mood is stabilized. When this technology is including the therapeutic benefits derived from infrared sauna therapy, the magic begins to occur at the physiological level.

Euphoric bliss takes hold of the body as you sink into deep states of relaxation under the rays of the complete infrared spectrum and as the colored lights bath of chromotherapy.

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